Melrose Heritage Park - Saturdays 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Comments from Customers and Vendors

We've collected comments from customers and vendors and share them here so you can get a better "flavor" of how the Community feels about this Melrose Community Farmers' Market.

From Shoppers:
Dana (from Gainesville): "I enjoy coming! We like the fresh goods."

Joanne: "Very nice! I'm looking forward to coming back."

Alex: "The market gets better and better every week!"

Dorothy (from Gainesville): "I think it's great and it's a great outlet for the community."

Barbara & Bob: "We like it! We come every week!"

Susan: "A great place to meet your friends!"

Tom: "One of the better things to happen to Melrose!"

From Vendors:
Virginia: "The Farmers' Market has opened a new, wonderful feeling about Melrose. It's an opportunity to bring people together, and an opportunity for sharing."

Nancy (Idyldale Farms): "I can be here for 3 hours and socialize with all my friends! Everybody comes here!"

Kitty (The Sign Lady): "Come out and see the best Melrose has to offer at the Farmers' Market!"

Mack Wheeler: "We're just happy to be here."

Deanna (DBS): "I think it's doing really well. There are a lot of people here."

Elleahna (10 yrs. old, Lachlan Welding): "It's a good place to find nice stuff!"

Zaire (Watercolors by Zaire): "It's just delightful!"

Toni (Toni's Sign Shop): "It's nice to see such community support."

Betty (Bumpy Road Handcrafted Soaps & Organic Vegetables): "I love this market!"

Wanda (Wanda's Green Solutions): "I started making money before I was even set up. I love it!"

Karin (Crystal Cave): "This market is a wonderful opportunity for artists and craftspeople to show work where no other venue exists. It's wonderful to have a community event each week where everyone can meet friends and neighbors."

Now, see what you've been missing!

What are you waiting for? Come on out to Heritage Park on Saturday and join in the fun, great products, visiting with friends, plus music from area musicians.

                                                Ed Sherwood       

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