In November, 1982, a group of concerned Melrose business owners came together to establish a new community service organization. The Melrose Business Association, Inc. received its charter from the state on February 11, 1983. The purpose of the new association was to “work for the betterment of Melrose”. Over the years they have done exactly that. Melrose is an excellent place to live and raise a family.

In 1995, the MBA, opened its rolls to the entire citizenry and took on a new name to reflect this change. Thus, the Melrose Business and Community Association was born.

Welcome to Melrose, Florida
Welcome to Melrose, Florida

The Melrose Business and Community Association meets each month at the Homemakers Club on Park Street in Melrose. We invite your participation. By increasing our membership, we can be more effective. We invite everyone in the Melrose area to join and work with us in building a better community now and for the future.

The Lake Santa Fe Story

MBCA to help our mission and work toward our long term goals, which include:

Our Mission

  1. Improve sustainability and success for local businesses.
  2. Preserve small town charm and beauty of Melrose in the midst of population growth and development.
  3. Promote and preserve the best resources of Melrose:
    • Natural beauty and a joyful visitor destination
    • Citizen advocacy and community cooperation
    • History & historical relevance
    • Art & creative culture
  4. Increase the interaction among MBCA members and the Melrose community.
  5. Promote a wider diversity of MBCA members regarding age, economic status, race, culture, and spiritual affiliations.
  6. Encourage government organizations, agencies, and local businesses to provide the basic community needs, so we can all live well in place.
  7. Support and encourage a healthy community lifestyle by offering choices that promote & sustain health. Good health leads to greater economic stability and lower costs.

Voting Membership is $20 and meeting attendance is free and open to the public. Annual dues buy you an MBCA membership, which, in turn:

  • Provides speakers and programs
  • Administers this website
  • Keeps you abreast of community activities
  • Gives you a voice in the affairs and direction of our community
  • Provides publicity and exposure for you and your business

JOIN the MBCA and become a participant in helping us reach goals to keep Melrose a proud and beautiful community with unique character.

Melrose Bay Park
Melrose Bay Park

Our Achievements

Association members work to make this small town of Melrose an even better place to live and raise a family. Some of the past works of the MBA/MBCA are listed here:

  • April 22, 2016, participated in hosting the Grande Premiere of a locally produced documentary video “The Lake Santa Fe Story” that helped raise funds to repaint the exterior of the Melrose Elementary School Gymnasium.
  • June, 6, 2014, a new welcome sign for Melrose was unveiled to the public and later installed (July 4th) west of town along Hwy 26.
  • March, 2014, the parking lot for Melrose Bay Park was refurbished with a generous member donation and MBCA funds.
  • Improvements to Melrose Bay Park in 2013 included timbers for erosion control, eradication of invasive plants, and selective planting of native plants.
  • MBCA assisted in the creation of the Melrose Farmers’ Market.
  • A website, online forum, and community calendar were created at in 2009.
  • In 2008, the MBCA worked with the local sheriff’s of Alachua, Bradford, Clay, and Putnam Counties on a concept of “Cops Across Borders” which led to what is called the “Four Corners Agreement.” This gives deputies in the area authority to handle what may come up without a lot of red tape. This was the first four-county agreement in the entire State of Florida, and has been renewed since then with each change of sheriff after elections.
  • In 2007, MBCA spearheaded a project with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department and the Kangaroo Store at SR 23 & SR 21 to improve security by new lighting and signage.
  • Melrose Bay Park, Inc. was chartered March 18, 2003.
  • MBCA and its members supported Historic Melrose, Inc. in the acquisition of the property now known as Melrose Heritage Park.
  • MBCA worked with Florida Department of Transportation to regulate parking on Bellamy Avenue (SR 26) to eliminate the overnight parking of vehicles.
  • MBCA worked with Florida Department of Transportation to get the sidewalk built along SR 21 up to Lakeview Avenue to give children a safe route to school.
  • In 2001, the MBCA brought Christmas lights to the Business District through the generosity and support of local businesses.
  • A Beautification Project for State Road 26 within Melrose (also known as the Old Bellamy Road / Florida’s First Federal highway) was launched in 2001 with plantings of native plants, shrubs, and trees. We thank all who participated in this project.
  • In 2000, the MBCA placed benches at the Melrose Bay Park with earnings from the Grape Festival. Our last Grape Festival was also in 2000.
  • MBCA has supported with cash donations or assistance at events for the Melrose Youth Sports Association, Missionaries Bible Purchase, Interlachen Little League, PC Pals Program, Historic Melrose, Melrose Elementary School, and has also given aid to area families in need.
  • On September 1, 1996 the MBCA, in cooperation with the Florida Grape Growers Association, sponsored the first annual Melrose Grape Festival.
  • MBCA made the Melrose Bay Park area available for Easter Sunrise Services.
  • For several years they sponsored the October Arts & Crafts Festival, until construction at the school caused problems in 1995 and the festival was not held.
  • The Melrose Business Association, Inc. was given control of the public area on Melrose Bay and it is now known as Melrose Bay Park
  • In 1992, the organization purchased 100 metal folding chairs and presented them to Melrose Elementary School.
  • Sponsored Home and Business Christmas Decorating Contests in 1990 and 1991.
  • Following a devastating fire, the organization assisted with an Auction and Fish Fry to help rebuild the Trinity Episcopal Church Parish Hall.
  • MBA produced a Business Directory & Shopping Guide for Melrose in 1988-89 and again in 1991-92.
  • In 1989 they organized the first Merry Melrose Christmas Parade and Arts & Crafts Show, which is now an annual event held on the second Saturday of each December.
  • Renaissance Fairs were held in 1983 and 1984.
  • The organization has held blood drives, a bi-partisan political fish fry for the community to meet the political candidates, and a food drive for Ethiopia.
  • Assisted with Melrose Beautification and Clean-Up Weeks.
  • Organized a Neighborhood Crime Watch and held Citizens Against Crime and Business Crime Watch programs.
  • Sponsored several “Celebrity Dinners” and auctions to raise money to help the Melrose Youth Sports Association and Melrose Elementary School.
  • Several years ago, the MBA (as it was known then) brought a circus to town for the enjoyment of our children. It may have been the only one, ever, in the town’s history.
  • A new traffic signal was installed to replace the caution light that had blinked at the intersection of State Roads 21 and 26 for many years.